Any SCPs (sometimes called Skips) inside the game will be added here. Vanilla SCPs that have had their gameplay changed or new SCPs added inside the mod will be included here.

A full list of Vanilla SCPs can be found here:

SCPs are specimens captured by the SCP Foundation, they are given Object Classes depending on how hard they are to contain, they can range from anamolous creatures to magical objects. The following classes consist of:

  • Safe - SCPs that are releatively easy to contain.
  • Euclid - SCPs that are harder to contain or require a bigger amount of resources to contain and are not understood very well.
  • Keter - These SCPs are the hardest to contain and often breach frequently and have to be recontained by the Mobile Task Forces.
  • Thaumiel - although none of these SCPs appear in Containment Breach, they are apart of the main SCP wiki. These SCPs are used to help contain other SCPs.

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