Class-Ds, also known as Class-D Personnel, Ds, and D-Class, are the primary enemy force of SCP: Containment Breach Nine Tailed Fox Mod.

They are the unwilling, expendable servants and test subjects of the SCP Foundation, mostly composed of death row inmates. The original SCP - Containment Breach had the player control a defenseless one designated D-9341.


Class-Ds are stationed in random parts of the map, and are armed with handguns that can bring the player's health down in a few shots. They are quite durable, but will eventually go down after absorbing enough gunfire from either the player, or the two other Nine-Tailed Fox operatives. It is recommended to aim for the head to put them down quickly or to hide on the edge of the door and sneak up on them. There is currently a bug where the hitboxes for the Class-Ds are unable to be recognised and are treated as part of the map which makes them unkillable. This has been fixed in v0.2.0.


  • A Class-D can be spawned in by inputing 'spawn d2' into the command console, putting in 'spawn d-class' spawns a normal Class-D from the original game (this is not recommended as it will usually crash the game)
  • By checking the games files, you can see that they have 100 health points
  • v0.2.0 of the mod will include unarmed Class-Ds that will run away from the Player
  • Class Ds are known as "D bois" amongst the SCP community
  • The faces of Class Ds are off. Meaning, you can see that the face is different from the skin color.



Texture for the Class-Ds model note: there are 4 different textures for Class-Ds


Terminated D-Class subject


Close-up of Class-D

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