This article is dedicated to all those involved in the development of the Nine-Tailed Fox mod. This is based from the official ModDB page.


Third Subvision Studio's logo


  • ENDSHN: Main Leader, Programming, Sounds, Textures, Models, Mapping, Voice Acting
  • Vane Brain: 2nd Main Leader, Mapping, Loading screens, SCP Ideas, Documents, Textures
  • revo794: SFX, Music
  • undead003: Voice Acting (The Player)
  • Alphive: Textures, Music
  • Turtle Sandwich/Catnipbuddy: Textures, Sound Effects
  • enotovski: Hand Model ReTexture
  • D-7650: SFX, Music (some Ambient Themes)
  • FireFox: SCP-457 Sighting Sound
  • PolkovnikAbramov (Arseny): Voice Acting (Class-D + some Intro lines)
  • Alex Morganidze: Voice Acting (MTF Unit)
  • Anon4743: Keycard Re-texture + SCP-109 model
  • Omniary: SFX, Music
  • Redbull.Ivan: SCP-1499 Model (taken from Fan Breach)
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