The FN P90 is the Player's primary weapon in the SCP: Containment Breach Nine Tailed Fox Mod. It is also used by their fellow Nine-Tailed Fox operatives. A second FN P90 can be found in the weapons supply room, it will be placed inside the players inventory and will add an extra magazine to the already equipped gun. Each magazine has 50 rounds inside of it and the player spawns with 3 P90 magazines

The scope can be zoomed in on in v0.2.0 has been replaced with a red dot.

It is one of the items they start off with.

NOTE: After reloading a save, a glitch occurs making you unable to use any weapons or select any.


  • The old scope for the P90 was removed due to engine issues (Blitz3D doesn't handle loading 2 screen resolutions at once very well).
  • You can switch between weapons by pressing 'Q' (customizable in 'options').



The P90 in the loading screen


New P90 scope (as of v0.2.0)

MTF P90 diffuse02

model texture diffusion for P90


in-game image

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