All rooms are from the original SCP: Containment Breach wiki, you can see all of them here:

However, this doesnt mean that the Nine-Tailed Fox mod doesnt bring new rooms, as more rooms will be added in v0.2.0.

Entrance ZoneEdit

Weapons supplyEdit

The weapons supply room is a small room that the Player will usually encounter early in the game by following their fellow Nine-Tailed Fox teammates and it requires a Level 5 keycard to access. One of the rooms has nothing but closed lockers and a potential armoury/control centre (these are purely cosmetic), while another is similar but with an FN P90 inside of one of the lockers which is opened up already. when picked up, it will be inside the player's inventory. When equipped, it will add an extra magazine to the player's already equipped FN P90.

Heavy Containment ZoneEdit

SCP-457's Containment ChamberEdit

The current area for SCP-457 is a work-in-progress as of v0.1.1 and is very similar to the one in the SCP: Containment Breach Ultimate Edition mod. The only differences are that you can to recontain SCP-457 inside of it's containment chamber (in SCP CB Ultimate Edition), the elevator to SCP-457's area and some other minor details.

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