SCP-173 Previous Texture

SCP-173's old model. Texture present in scp ntf mod as of 2020.

SCP-173, nicknamed The Sculpture, or most commonly known amongst the community "peanut", is an SCP and enemy faced in the SCP: Containment Breach Nine Tailed Fox Mod.

It is a human-sized statue that is extremely hostile to humans, but is rendered inanimate when observed.

SCP-Summary Edit

SCP-173 was moved to Site-19 in 1993, it is constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. When in line of sight, the subject is immobile but once line of sight is broken, SCP-173 can move rapidly to kill the victim either by snapping the base of the neck or via strangulation. It's containment chamber is cleaned on a bi-weakly basis as a combination of blood and feces forms, only 3 D-Class are allowed in the chamber at once while 2 keep watch of 173 while 1 cleans the floor.


Like in SCP: Containment Breach, SCP-173 is extremely fast and will try to insta-kill the player with a quick neck snap. However, it is disabled when the NTF Squad (or the Player) is making direct eye contact with 173. If at any time the player blinks then, SCP-173 will move. If in proximity of SCP-173 whilst blinking, the player will soon die due to 173 snapping the player's neck. As long as the player is accompanied by their two Nine-Tailed Fox allies, SCP-173 won't be able to move. A way to detect If SCP-173 Is Close to the player, is by blinking carefully. This will cause the player to say "Blinking" if 173 is nearby.


It is impossible to recontain SCP-173 without your Nine-Tailed Fox teammates so make sure you follow them/have them around. Once SCP-173 has been spotted, they will train their eyes on it so it will be immobile and unable tomove due to the amount of eyes trained on him. The player can stand next to 173 or let their teammates do the work. After enough time has passed, a floating cage will be spawned around SCP-173 which will render it trapped and bound to the player. To fully recontain SCP-173, the player must venture all the way to it's containment chamber inside of the Light Containment Zone and drop off the cage inside the chamber and from there on 173's cage will stop following since it's been dropped off


  • 'Peanut' is a popular nickname amongst the SCP community due to it's peanut like appearance
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