Welcome to the SCP: CB Nine-Tailed Fox Wiki!

This site is a database dedicated to the Nine Tailed Fox Mod of SCP - Containment Breach. Navigate it to learn about its characters and items. The mod is currently in v0.1.1 and is very buggy/glitchy.

v0.2.0 has been delayed to a summer release.

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  1. Avoid use of profanity (does not include mild uses such as 'damn' or 'crap', any worser swears will be edited to a mild one or completely removed)
  2. Do not vandalise articles
  3. Don't harass other members
  4. Don't descriminate people's race or sex or their sexual orientation
  5. Any rule 34 or NSFW images/gifs are banned for self-explanatory reasons
  6. If an article is unfinished, make sure it has the Article Stub category
  7. We are not the devs! If you have any questions for the creators of the mod, then go to their discord server:
  8. Don't ask how to install the mod, I know this sounds harsh but so many people have asked this and it's getting irritating. If you want to know how to install the mod then look here: How to install the Nine-Tailed Fox mod.
  9. Don't beg for the next version of the mod, wait patiently like everyone else and if you're really that bored then chat on the Third Subvision Discord server. Begging gets you nowhere and is just plain annoying. (for anyone looking to become a tester, the Third Subvision Studio already have enough people to test for them)
  10. Do not make pages on items/characters that have not been modified in the NTF Mod, the SCP: Containment Breach wiki exists for that

The trailer for v0.2.0 of the mod will come out soon so get ready for it!

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